Kohout Engineering

Why use e-dison technology?

Innovative ecological electrochemical water activation (ECA) technology is based on the principle of membrane electrolysis of the water and salt solution resulting in two different solutions: e-dison+ and e-dison- .


a solution retreating from the area of anode containing a mixture of very effective oxidants; the solution has outstanding biocidal characteristics able to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses, algae and fungus germs.


a solution retreating from the area of anode with good washing and degreasing characteristics; the solution is also effective upon removal of undesirable biofilm and sediments in pipe systems.

By suitable mixing of both compounds, a solution originates that not only combines the abilities of both initial solutions but also enables optimal setting of pH
of entire feeding system.

Advantages of e-dison solution

No handling and storage of dangerous chemicals is necessary.
The biocide is produced “in situ” at the place of its consumption. The base materials are drinking water, electrical energy and kitchen salt.
Only such a quantity of the biocide is produced that is needed at the given moment.
Both produced solutions and their compounds are non-toxic, biodegradable and harmless to health and the environment.
Resulting biocide maintains its abilities in the long term, i.e. bacteria and viruses are eliminated not only at the place of application but also in the entire linked water distribution system.

Swimming pool technology

Benefits for guests

  • absence of chlorine odor
  • increase of sterility
  • significant decrease of skin and eye allergic reactions origination
  • positive effect on minor injuries and dermatomycosis

Benefits for operators

  • lifespan prolongation of filters and water distribution systems
  • produced biocide can be also be successfully used for cleaning and disinfection of showers, washrooms, toilets, cloakrooms, relaxing premises, etc.

Drinking water treatment technology in animal production


  • no protection period is necessary upon disinfection of premises and equipment
  • prevention of legionella
  • higher conversion of feed
  • better health condition of stock
  • lower death rate
  • lifespan prolongation of drinking basins, filters and water distribution systems
  • produced biocide can also be successfully used for disinfection of surfaces in stables, laboratories, stockrooms as well as for disinfection of hands and tools