Kohout Engineering

ECA Unit  e-dison

The e-dison unit is a compact and safe device for the production of electrochemically active solutions e-dison+ and e-dison– .

Innovative ecological electrochemical water activation technology is based on the principle of membrane electrolysis. Only a solution of kitchen salt (NaCl) and electrical energy are used for the production of activated solutions.

The product of electrolysis is a mixture of very effective oxidants: free chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. These substances with high Redox potential reliably destroy bacteria, viruses and all fungus germs.

Despite the fact that the electrochemically activated solutions e-dison are highly effective, they do not contain harmful substances and are environmently friendly. Thanks to their outstanding characteristics, e-dison solutions are used in several applications in argriculture, food-processing plants, disinfection of drinking and domestic hot water, etc.

The e-dison unit is constructed as modular construction set; each module contains own electrochemical reactor and separate control unit. The modules are located in a joint cabinet with a joint supply of el. energy, water feeding and joint outlet of products. The cabinet is supplied in two sizes, according to required capacity, for placement of up to three or six modules.