Kohout Engineering

Basic Characteristics of the e-dison Unit

Modular system

The e-dison unit is constructed as modular construction set; each module contains own electrochemical reactor and separate control unit. The modules are located in a joint cabinet with a joint supply of el. energy, water feeding and joint outlet of products. The cabinet is supplied in two sizes, according to required capacity, for placement of up to three or six modules.

Basic characteristics of the system

• modular system

• unit incl. accessories (filters, water softener, product dosage) are located in a compact design solved cabinet

• simple installation – all you need to do is to connect the water source and the drain pipe and to connect the unit into electric network

• intelligent control of performance according to instantaneous consumption

• simple operation with possibility of remote controlling via Internet

• intake costs lower than 0.20 CZK/l of e-dison solution

Advantages of the modular solution

• overall capacity of the e-dison unit can be increased anytime by addition of another module

• when the unit is operated with decreased capacity (in winter), some modules are automatically put out of operation, which increases their lifetime

• in the case of regular servicing, it is not necessary to put the whole unit out of operation; only the corresponding module can be put out of operation

• in the case of module failure, no failure of the whole technology occurs – only if the overall capacity of the unit decreases

• individual modules work in optimized mode, which decreases operating costs

• by a suitable strategy of module control, top consumption can be covered without a need for large product containers

Parameters of the module

• production capacity:  20 l/h e-dison +    20 l/h e-dison –

• electricity consumption: 120 W

• water consumption: 40 l/h

• salt consumption: 0,5 kg/h

The above-stated parameters are orientative and apply to the operation of one module. The real overall parameters of the unit depend on particular operating conditions, the number of fitted modules and the ratio of the production time and stand-by mode of individual modules.


Installation of the e-dison unit consists in placing the cabinet base in a horizontal position and connecting it to the water mains, drain pipe, electrical network and ventilation. The salt container will be placed next to the cabinet and connected by means of a hose. No time and financially demanding construction modifications or difficult assembly works are needed.

Assembling dimensions (W x D x H)

• Unit with three modules: 1150x600x1500 mm

• Unit with six modules: 1150x600x1725 mm


• water: standard (washing machine) water connection 3/4”

• electro: standard socket 230V/50Hz 16A

• drain: sewerage, min. internal diameter 40mm

• ventilation: min. internal diameter 30mm